Some simplifications I made for the site

August 15, 2013

By Avi Green

It was a while ago – certainly earlier this year – that I decided to make some changes to this site, because, given the horrible state of Marvel’s output today, I felt I couldn’t go along with it.

When I first built the site, as a special dedication to the Fantastic Four’s famous wisecracking guy who’d become orange stone in 1961, I’d initially included a few pages listing books dating past 2002, the time I feel the Marvel universe really went downhill, like Freakshow and the second Thing volume written by Dan Slott that lasted only 8 issues.

But as the quality of Marvel became worse and worse, ever since they devolved into throughly pointless, repellent crossovers, like the recent Avengers vs. X-Men, I decided that listing some of those items just wasn’t worth the effort.

For example, the Freakshow miniseries is written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Scott Kolins, the former who’s now the “chief creative officer” for DC Comics, and whose work I’ve since become very disgusted with. The cover for the 2nd issue is insulting, making Ben look like a slob as he eats a greasy burger. The 3rd cover makes it look like he vomited all over the street and sidewalk. And the story? It’s what I’d call a Volkswagen, which to me is synonymous with junk. Just look at that picture from the miniseries where Ben falls victim to a nasty joke. Why should anybody have to receive such a crude miniseries as a suggestion for reading? I don't like Kolins' artwork either.

And then, there’s Dan Slott, one of a couple writers who’ve turned Spider-Man into a pure travesty after he wrote up a storyline where Dr. Octopus switched minds with Peter Parker and took over his body. Whatever for? One of the most vulgar, revolting problems with that is how Slott’s story makes it look like Doc Ock is taking advantage of women like Mary Jane Watson without letting them know who he really is, which is a form of exploitation. As a blogger, I’ve had the experience of having Slott come onto my site using insulting defenses, and the last time he did that, he went on anonymously, yet using the same tactics. There are writers who’ve let me down. But few have turned me off as badly as Slott does.

And his work on the Thing is nothing to write home about either.

With this in mind, I finally decided that, as somebody who really does consider himself a Marvel fan, I could no longer dedicate this site to highlighting monstrosities published in a time when Marvel’s output was turned into a travesty by former EIC Joe Quesada. Avengers: Disassembled was just the beginning of the end as we see it today, and even before that, they were already coughing out garbage by writers with no respect for the heroes and their supporting casts. So, I purged a couple of items (i.e-books and pictures from past 2002) off this site, as I no longer see the point of suggesting I’m fine with them. Because I’m not. I tend to feel disappointed with some fansite builders who keep going with all this stuff even as the quality vanishes. I’m not one of those kind of people. That’s why I decided to just limit the listings here to the better stuff, and likewise, the stuff published in better times.

That’s what I consider real fandom.

So as of now, this site, I can safely say, will only be devoted to highlighting pictures and other stuff from times when Marvel really did crank out wonders. There’s no need to recommend to anybody products that are useless. Just the really readable stuff prior to the turn of the century is what we need.

Copyright 2013 Avi Green. All rights reserved.

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