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Check out some of these great covers, pictures, drawings and such, of both the Thing and other folks in the FF's world on this page! There's also my own writings available through here.

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Strange Tales Team-Ups with the Torch (you know, that one!) (from 1964-65), and Marvel Feature #11-12 (1973)

Marvel Two-In-One (1974-83 series)

The Thing (1983-86 series)

Adventures of the Thing (1992 miniseries)

Thing & She-Hulk: The Long Night (2002 one-shot)

Still picture galleries

Thing's pics

Supporting cast's pics

Comic book reviews and essays

Fictionalized "interview" with the Thing
This is something I once thought up in 2002, in trying to write something similar to what an entertainment reporter tried out.

Review of Marvel Premiere Classic: The Thing: Project Pegasus
This was where the famous laboratory complex first turned up with its amazing Cosmic Cube.

Review of Fantastic Four: Visionaries Vol. 1 TPB
One of best periods in the FF's history as the MCU's Fantastic First Family.

Letters column from Marvel Two-In-One #42, August 1978
It can be great to look over many of the great letters of yore from all those classic adventures, and at a time when letters could really be thought-provoking too! Here's a sample of some of the replies to one of the best issues, written by Marv Wolfman during the 1970's, with Ron Wilson doing the artwork and Roger Stern the editing.

Letters column from Marvel Two-In-One #50, April 1979
Here's another one, from an issue featuring a most notable time-travel story, in which the Thing goes back in time to try and cure himself of being...well, you get the idea.

Letters column from Marvel Two-In-One #91, September 1982
And still another one, corresponding to an issue featuring the Sandman, a most touching issue too at that.

Letters column from The Thing #35, May 1986
The penultimate issue of the series that took over from where MTIO left off.

Why I won't be looking forward to J. Michael Straczynski on the Fantastic Four
My thoughts on his being chosen as the next writer, following Mark Waid's departure.

Letters column from Fantastic Four #290
Featuring ideas from Fantastic Fans on how Sue's invisibility powers could work.

Stacy and Scarlet Shamed
Thoughts on Marvelís belittling of Gwen Stacy and the Scarlet Witch, plus what I think of the Phoenix saga, and something involving the Hank Pym/Janet VanDyne catastrophe of 1981.

What will be the Fate of Marvel's Book Publishing?
In 2011, following a considerable amount of terrible crossovers and other bad ideas, Marvel could very easily be facing their twilight as a comic book publisher.

Some simplifications I made for the site
I made some changes to clarify my disillusionment with the people now running Marvel.

What will happen to Marvel now that Stan the Man Lee is gone?
Some thoughts on the sad state of Marvel after its legendary developer passed on, and what's best for it now.

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