Letters from Marvel Two-In-One #42, August 1978

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Dear Marv, Ron, and Pablo,
With Marvel Two-In-One #37, we saw a whole new approach to the handling of this mag. Whereas MARVEL TEAM-UP is definitely the place where Spider-Man joins forces with someone, MTIO is Ben Grimm’s book. The basic idea of the comic seems to be to expand the Thing’s character, to give Ben Grimm lovers more of him. In issue #37, there were no supervillains to battle and no popping in as a back-up. And even though Matt Murdock is Daredevil, we didn’t see him in his super-hero guise this issue and he only used his radar-sense once. The villain was also there, but we didn’t see him – just his infra-red scope and his non-super ally. No super-guest, no super-villains, no real fighting – all the usual elements of a comic book story were missing. But boy, did it work!
The characterization of Ben Grimm was by the best done to date. His exterior may be that of a monster, but deep down inside he’s something everyone can love. He’s been feared and hated by many ordinary people for years, even though he’s risked everything for them. Now that his life is crumbling, he seems to be losing all hope. He considers himself guilty and deserving of being locked away. Ben Grimm has been through a dozen hells and his soul is finally losing. He simply doesn’t care. Page 26, panels 3-5 really touched me, Marv – actually hurt me. Thank you for the story.
Peter Petruski II
Millerton, NY

Dear Marv,
MITO #36 was, by far, one of the best issues I can remember in this book’s history. One of the reasons I feel so strongly about it was the tie-in with the FF’s own mag. Keep it up!
Now, for the book itself. As the Thing has a unique personality and therefore can be used in different situations, I’d like to see the Thing go solo, allowing you to explore his relationships with his friends and foes. However, I think the book should still have one – maybe two – real team-ups a year. Another good possibility for this book would be to have a “fun” story every now and then – the Thing on the trail of the Yancy Street Gang, for example. MITO #37 had almost that kind of magic about it. Good job. In closing, I must compliment Ron and Pablo for keeping the book in good visual shape.
David Glass
Aroyyo Grande, CA

Congratulations, Dave, you read our minds! Keep an eye out for an upcoming story just along the lines you’ve suggested – a story narrated by bashful Benjy himself and starring none other than Hercules, son of Zeus!

Dear Marv,
Ah, yes!
Thank you for MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #37. Though the villain is pretty obvious, the main point of the story was carried across pretty well. This was one of the best THING stories to date – and that includes all the previous FF stories, as well!
The sense of isolation, the sense of power, the sense of injustice, and the sense of helplessness were all conveyed so beautifully through your words and Ron Wilson’s graphics.
Jack Dreso
Padova, Italy

Well, thank you, Jack! Marv’s just bustin’ with pride that you’ve compared his story to Stan & Jack’s FF classics. And as the Marvelous One is the brand-new scribe for the fabulous FANTASTIC FOUR, you can bet that he’ll be doing his darndest to keep you coming back, issue after ever-lovin’ issue. And as this August heralds the publication of FANTASTIC FOUR #200…well, need we say more?
Last issue marked the departure of Rampaging Ron Wilson from these pages…at least for awhile. You see, right now, Ron is hard at work with Devil-May-Care Doug Moench on our new HULK color magazine! That’s right, THE HULK, (formerly RAMPAGING HULK) will soon be appearing at your friendly neighborhood comics rack in beautiful living color! So watch for it, you hear?
In the meantime, you needn’t worry about the art chores going lacking, ‘cause we’ve got some frankly fabulous folks warming up in the Bullpen who are just itching to illustrate Bashful Benjy’s adventures. Like who? Like Our Pal Sal Buscema, who’s already finished this issue’s extravaganza…like Jocular John Byrne, X-MEN artist supreme…like Battlin’ Bob Hall, our newest, drawingest (?) Associate Editor-type. And that’s just for openers! Looks like this just might be one very interesting summer for Thing, n’cest pas?

Note: Roger Stern was the editor of the series at the time, and was mainly in charge of responding to the mail received for this issue.

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