Letters from Marvel Two-In-One #50, April 1979

The Ever Lovin, Blue-Eyed Letters Page!

Dear people,
Pretty nice.
MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #45…“The Andromeda Rub-Out” wasn’t spectacular, but it was a fairly good story. I didn’t guess who the Al Capone-type was until the very end, although all the clues were certainly there. And this old Fantastic Four villain naturally would have been a grudge against any Kree, so Captain Marvel fit in very well. Al Kupperberg’s art could have been better, but it really wasn’t bad. Very little to complain about, actually…this mag is improving.
Okay, now for a few suggestions vis-à-vis future guest stars: the Beast, Ms. Marvel, Hellcat, Machine Man, the Eternals, Jack of Hearts, Doctor Doom, Medusa, Valkyrie, and Phoenix.
And as for villains, how about the Trapster, the Wizard, the Acrobat, Dr. Octopus, the terrible trio of Bull Brogan, Swami Dakar, and Handsome Harry Phillips…or maybe Iron Man’s old foe, the original Doctor Strange?
Let us learn a little more about Ben’s past and his family. Does he have any living relatives? Is Aunt Petunia still alive? Why does the Yancy Street Gang hate Ben Grimm so much?
Why not let MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE develop its own supporting cast? After all, it need not interfere with Ben’s FF adventures.
Al Schroeder
Nashville, TN

Some interesting ideas, Al…especially as they’re not too far removed from what we have planned for future TWO-IN-ONE tales. In just a couple of issues, Big Ben’s mag will pick up a whole menagerie of supporting characters. As a matter of fact, upcoming plotlines are so downright wog-boggling, that we just can’t keep them secret anymore! And so…

We interrupt this letters page for a very special announcement.
With fifty fascinating issues of MTIO under our belts, we’ve only just begun to come up with wilder and more off-beat situations for our bashful, blue-eyed Thing. And that’s not even to mention the wide array of ever-exotic guest-stars!
MTIO #51, on sale in just thirty days, teams the Thing with not one, not two, but three of the mighty Avengers in a far-flung episode that begins at Avengers’ Mansion and goes sky high before it’s over. And as if that’s not enough, this little yarn also features Colonel Nick Fury and the Agents of Shield. It’s called “Full House, Dragons High!” and it’s imagineered by Peter Gillis, Frank Miller, and Bob MacLeod.
And then, MTIO #52 takes off with “A Little Knight Music!”, as Benjy  joins forces with the mysterious Moon Knight! And whether you’ve thrilled to the adventures of the Crescent Crusader in THE HULK color magazine, in MARVEL SPOTLIGHT, in SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN, or in WEREWOLF BY NIGHT…or even if you’ve never seen Moonie before…we really think you’re going to get off on this tale of men, machines, and mayhem by Steven Grant and Jim Craig.
All of which brings us to perhaps the most astounding, most ambitious undertaking in the history of MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE. Beginning with issue #53, the Thing embarks of a frankly fabulous six-part saga involving Wundarr, Thundra, and the bizarre goings-on at Project Pegasus! That’s right, the U.S. energy research center first introduced in MTIO #42 is still the scene of danger and intrigue…and it’ll be drawing Aunt Petunia’s favorite nephew into the most delightfully different adventure of his career! In fact, it’s so different, that it takes two writers to tell the tale! Ralph Macchio and Mark Gruenwald are the scribes in question…and the art will be handled by the one and only John Byrne!
So if you get the idea that 1979 is going to be a big year for MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE…well, we must modestly concur.

Dear Marvel,
I just noticed there is no Comics Code Authority seal on the cover of MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #45.
Okay, what did you guys do this time? There was no mention of drugs, and since the story did not contain excessive violence, it must have contained too much sex. I guess the Thing should stop dating Alicia…or at least start wearing a t-shirt.
Seriously, why was the seal missing? Was it some nit-picking point that the CCA brought up? Or was it just an error on the part of someone in layout?
As for the story…very nice. I like seeing stories that tie up old storylines and recap old plots, as I am a recent convert to Marvel, and stories like these help me catch up on the fifteen years of Marvel magic that I missed.
Bill Seligman
Brooklyn, NY

Actually, Bill, all that happened was that the CCA seal fell off somewhere between the Bullpen and our printers. (But we must admit, the idea about the t-shirt is interesting!)

Dear Marvel,
One aspect of MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #47 that caught my attention was the great usage of Marvel continuity. The references to the other magazines (INCREDIBLE HULK, DEFENDERS, FF) served to bring the divergent Hulk and Thing storylines together. Other good touches were the inclusion of Karen Page (with her mention of Delazny Studios) from the earlier issues of GHOST RIDER, and the Howard the Duck look-alike.
As for the artwork though, Alan Kupperberg didn’t quite match his writing this issue. While Ben Grimm was as good as many of his other interpretations, the other members of the F.F. appeared thin and drawn, as if they hadn’t eaten in two weeks. Bruce Banner looked like a young college student instead of an older scientist. And the Hulk, I grant you, may get angry quite often, but he shouldn’t appear as if he has just escaped from an insane asylum.
Mark Ellis
Newark, DE

Sorry the art wasn’t to your liking, Mark. But what do you think of this issue’s team of Byrne and Sinnott? Let us know, okay?

Note: Again, Roger Stern was the editor here.

Copyright Avi Green. All rights reserved.

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