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This is where pictures of the rest of Ben's cast and allies can be found.

On the left, Sue in her encounter with prince Namor of Atlantis in the Silver Age, when he was in love with her. Of course, he's long since moved on, and married another woman of Atlantean heritage instead. On the right, Sue with shoulder cleavage.

Sue, when caught by Sub-Mariner back then, thought at first to agree to become his bride to spare the surface world at the time he'd been nuts and became a crook, which leads the prince to become annoyed and argue, which enabled the rest of the Four to stop him. Some time later, he was cured and reformed, and has also since become good friends and allies with the FF.

These two pictures are from the Silver/Bronze Age period, and the 1990's, respectively.

The Fantastic Wedding ceremony of Reed and Sue, which originally took place in 1965, and was attended by just about all the superheroes in the MCU! Next to that, there's Reed and Sue flying past what might very well be a pink colored tree trunk in a most peculiar type of forest.

Four Fantastic Ladies who served in the team led by Marvel's first family are all present in this picture here! They include, from left to right, Crystal of Attilan, Sue Storm with a tank top outfit, the once teenaged Valeria, now simply a simple child, and She-Hulk, at her best.

Alicia Masters flies with the Silver Surfer, whom she'd romanced at one point too. And yes, that is a special airtight force field that he's generating around both of them.

This is a picture of Tarianna, the humanoid woman who was really just an illusion caused by Ben himself, or should I say, part of his imagination, when he was on the Secret Wars planet. Eventually, she passed away, sadly, and it was then that he decided to return to earth, regardless of whether he could change back to his human form or not.

This pic above comes from toward the end of the Thing solo book, with Sharon Ventura meeting a shady fight sponsor named Auntie Freeze. And here's Sharon in the Ms. Marvel costume she came up with, inspired by Carol Danvers' costume.

Man, are those Doombots ever so deceiving! Or is it the real deal? We may never know, 'cause as evidenced by what's said above, the Doomster himself would rather we not know!

Back in the mid-1980s, Doctor Doom did something very sinister: he took a young boy in his custody whose name was Kristoff and replaced just about his entire mind with that of - Victor Von Doom's! Of all the evil deeds the demonic doctor and monarch of Latveria could pull, this was one of the lowest yet. Since I don't have the exact issues available, I have no idea if Mr. Fantastic was ever able to cure Kristoff of the madness that Doom inflicted upon him.

This pic is from a 1972 issue of the FF edited by Roy Thomas, and it's a recap of their origin. How they took off for space, and how they ended up becoming superbeings. My, has it been such a long time since then. How time flies.

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