Supporting cast's pics

More pictures of the supporting cast and allies of the FF

When they first traveled to Wakanda to investigate Klaw, the evil scientist who turned himself into living sound, Black Panther considered them foes. But they soon straightened things out and since that time he's been one of their most reliable allies.

On the other hand, over on the goodies' side, we have Black Bolt, the king of the Inhumans, who's technically mute because of the tremendous strength of his own sound/vibrational power, and only uses it for special occasions where it can really matter. The next is from the mid-70s (I think it's from MTIO), at a time when Sue absented herself from the FF, and other ladies like Medusa took her place. I think the blonde may be Nita, a cousin of Namor.

A pinup poster of Sue from the Silver Age. Some of the Marvel series begun at the time did have neat pictures like these included.

The warmonger Annihilus first appeared in FF Annual #6 in 1968, around the time Franklin Richards was born. And he sure knew how to keep the team on their toes.

This picture is of Sharon Ventura when she turned into a female variant on Ben Grimm, usually called the She-Thing.

Here's Sharon sitting around the FF quarters with the other folks. Just as she turned into a monster, the funny thing is that Ben regained his human form at the time!

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