Thing's Pictures

So here for starters, we've got some cool pics of the Thing in action! Take a look around, and enjoy, everybody! Oh yeah, and feel free to save them all to file if you wish!

From left to right: Thing with a napkin at the beach, ready for some clobberin', stompin' a tank, and even a small picture of him running into action, first at the ready too!

In the one panel, Ben fiddles around with one of Reed's gadgets, a mind probing device. You'd probably think Ben, in his rock-like form, would be too big to wear the headset, but, as it so happens, it fit! (Actually, now that I think of it, so did one of the Wizard's own mind-control devices when he and the first grouping of the Frightful Four captured Ben and tried to get him to do their bidding. Ben was fortunate to be rescued from that dreadful mishap.) In the other panel, Ben takes on a horned creature both he and Mordred the Mystic found themselves dealing with in one of Ben's adventures.

Here, Ben finds himself up against a giant liquid-based being who could probably give Hydroman a run for his money. Whoa baby, is that something! In the other one, Ben tosses a barbell to the floor, unconcerned if he breaks something, a frequent joke since the early days of the FF.

From left to right again: that seems to be Ben in human form, posing for a model suit, I presume? With Jennifer Walters, the sexy She-Hulk, and lifting up what may be the same tank from the row above, with the rest of the FF on the scene.

Come on people, don't tell me this scene isn't hilarious! Taken from Marvel Two-In-One #56 from October 1979, what we have here is the Femizonian warrior woman Thundra wrestling the Thing for - what else? - his love. It's stuff like this that made the book of the time so fun!

I'm guessing that Johnny may have pulled that stunt with the pie, but then again, it could've been the Yancy Street Gang. In the middle, he's stopping a girder from falling on a car with the FF inside, and then, there's a picture of him in a suit.

Confronting a mercenary with a gun in one, and an alien in the kitchen in the other.

During his time on the Secret Wars planet, where he discovered that he could transform himself back to his regular human form, Ben fought a gigantic version of Doctor Doom, that split into many duplicates as it became more reduced in power and size.

The narrative shown here is by Tarianna, the humanoid lady he met there, who may have also had a doppelganger back on earth as well, as Ben discovered when visiting a circus in Ohio in 1985.

During the 301st issue of Fantastic Four, the Wizard captured Ben and Franklin Richards, hoping to use the latter to bring about the downfall of his archnemesis, Mr. Fantastic. Hoping to brainwash Ben again, as he once did in issue #41 back in the mid-60's, he tried to use his IO headset on him again, only this didn't work! Nope, Ben managed to build up not just a tougher [rock] skin for himself during the time he'd been travelling across country himself in the past year, but also a tougher cerebral focus as well, and repaid Wizard with a nice, good knuckle sandwich! Oh, yeah!

Franklin also saved the day, and wow, what Sue Storm did to the villain here to punish him for kidnapping her child really impressed me in the ways of good, solid, edgy writing, which is why I'll let the readers to find out how she took Wizard out, since how she dealt with him is certainly much edgier in the ways of writing than what's been done post-90's. Bravo, and three cheers for Roger Stern!

When the FF first encountered the Hulk in the mid-1960s, they were flattened by him. But as time went by, even if Ben - the most likely to face Bruce Banner's alter ego - didn't win, he sure didn't go down without proving he was still a formidable force! Here we see ol' Ben sending the Hulk on a trip through at least 2 tree trunks (I think it's from FF #112, July 1971). Wow, what an ego trip that must be!

Ben got into a little clash with Quasar (real name Wendell Vaughn) in MTIO #53 during a trip to Project Pegasus. Quasar proved he could more than hold his own against Ben, making for an impressive hero in one of his earliest appearances.

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