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More pics of the Thing from past history. Enjoy, and save 'em all to file as you wish!

From the classic FF #1 from late 1961, here's how Ben made his debut, under wraps! Okay, more to the point, he wore a trenchcoat and a hat, which he'd continue to wear sporadically when he didn't want to attract too much attention. The other picture with Willie Lumpkin comes from a Marvel anthology in 1989.

From the premiere issue of Marvel Two-in-One, Ben's pissed that the Man-Thing would "plagiarize" his name!

So, he took off for the Florida everglades to settle the score! And the rest is history.

At the end of the adventure, finding that a magic wand is no longer useful, Ben gives it as a toy to a little boy to play with. Much like the story itself, that should be plenty of fun!

In another of the early tales (which were first written by the late Steve Gerber), Ben and Daredevil faced off against a villainess called Nekra, who along with her gang brainwashed Black Widow. Not to worry, they managed to rescue Natasha Romanoff, reverse the hypnotic effects and stop the crooks.

The picture alongside comes from the 1981 story by John Byrne where the Puppet Master foolishly made a deal with Dr. Doom to trap the Foursome along with Alicia and Franklin in cloned bodies inside a miniature village, all because he wanted Ben and Alicia to be happy together. But Doom being Doom, he tricked Phillip Masters into getting stuck in the same spot, and it was up to the FF to outwit their most sinister foe and regain control over their real bodies. In the end, Doom ended up getting stuck inside a clone he'd made for himself!

This panel comes not from MTIO, but rather, from Marvel Team-Up #32! Yeah, there were at least 2-3 issues of that famous semi-anthology starring Spider-Man alongside fill-in-the-blank where the Thing and Human Torch substituted in his stead! Next to it is a Hanuka sketch Jack Kirby drew of Ben during 1976.

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